Girls Dresses AQW – Easy to get, cheap and non-mem

So us girls are overlooked quite often in AQW. Armors tend to be totally unrealistic and/or ugly on us. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good fantasy armor but then go all the way and make it cute, don’t try to look plausible at the same time. And for those who love a good armored look, then go all the way and make a realistic-ish suit of armor look.

Complaining aside though, there are some little gems in game for girls and this post will look at some of the cheap and easy to get ones for non-members.

3 cute and girly dresses sure to get attention

(Click on the name of the item to go to the wiki pages)

The first two can be found in the Battleon Shop under the game menu and shops. The third one can be found in the Legendary Suggestion shop in Yulgars inn.

3 surprisingly appealing basic robe looks

The first look here can be found in the evil shop in shadowfall.

The second two here can also be found under the game menu and shops.

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