7 OP Classes for Non-mem in AQW

If you are bored with the starter classes (Warrior, Mage, Healer, Rogue) in AQW you may want to consider trying something harder to get, more advanced, and a great deal more powerful. This is a quick guide to 7 Over Powered (OP) classes that non-members can get through rep farming different factions to Rank 10, and without spending any acs.

Elemental Dracomancer (ED)spirit kin of dragons

Elemental Dracomancer Rank 10 Etherstorm

Elemental Dracomancer
Rank 10 Etherstorm

This class is King in 1vs1 PvP and solo-ing, has great damage resistance, deals out massive hits on auto attack with fun Crits, has a Damage over Time (DoT) skill, and good mana regain. You don’t need to be clever about using it, as you don’t need to watch your hp or mana, and there is no special order for using skills. This is possibly one of the most OP classes in the game currently.

You can get it from Etherstorm faction and is probably easiest to rep in /join airstorm. Take quests from Ang’st and Mido. You don’t need to be a member to rep this one quickly either.

A good enhancement for this class is Wizard as it has high intellect, endurance, wisdom and luck stats. Use a static weapon with damage of 30-30 for best results.

Troll Spellsmith (TSS) – master of both magic and logic

Troll SpellSmith Rank 10 Troll

Troll SpellSmith
Rank 10 Troll

This is the most OP class currently in Bludrut Brawl and multi-enemy farming. Stack Sigil to heal yourself and make your other spells better. Use Energy Arc to obliterate multiple enemies and Frostflame to do high damage and slow your enemy. Before you run out of mana, use Focus Energy to regain your mana (at a small cost to your hp that you regain with Sigil).

You can get it from Troll faction and is easiest to rep in /join bloodtuskwar. Take quests from Sokrakiis.

Good enhancements are Wizard and a little Luck as this class has high intellect, endurance, wisdom and luck stats. I usually use Wizard as it produces stable damage however Luck is good for high Crits. Use a medium stable weapon (21-39 to 30-30) otherwise it will interfere with your heals.

Horc Evader (HE) – master of evasion

Horc Evader Rank 10 Horc

Horc Evader
Rank 10 Horc

This class does not hit high but in PvP will dodge everything, with better evasion than any other class in the game. This class is also a Pet Controller making it one of the few ways to get a pet without spending any real money. To use just click the first skill once to call your pet to your side, the second skill to stack a DoT, and the third skill to increase your dodge and Crits.

You can get it from Horc faction and is easiest to rep in /join bloodtuskwar. Take quests from Kagg.

Good enhancements are Thief and some Luck as this class has high dexterity, strength, endurance stats. An unstable weapon can be fun with this class for the incredible Crits you can get out of it however it also works on a stable (30-30) weapon as it has consistently high damage output.

Evolved Shaman (ES) – element controller

Evolved Shaman Rank 10 Arcangrove

Evolved Shaman
Rank 10 Arcangrove

This class is great if you can get its rank 10 passive to go off and will do a huge amount of damage. It is a great for bosses with high endurance and great in PvP. The last skill increases all your other skills, the third skill is a Heal over Time (HoT) for you and your allies, the second skill has incredibly high damage on Crits, and the first skill has a chance at a Stun.

Get it from Arcangrove faction and rep it in /join Arcangrove. Take every quest you can from every NPC in the map. This is slow to rep but as a bonus you also get Shaman class at rank 10.

Best enhancement is Wizard, 1 Luck. Use a stable weapon (30-30) as an unstable weapon will slow you down and make your heals useless.

Necromancer (NCR) – master of death and decay

Necromancer Rank 10 Doomwood

Rank 10 Doomwood

This is the possibly the best boss solo-ing class in the game, especially for incredibly high hp bosses. It it another pet controller class with a cute skeleton pet you call on the first skill. Use the second skill Weaken to regain life and take your enemy’s (spam this skill, it is the key to the class), use the third skill Infect sparingly to regain mana (and loose hp), and the last skill to increase your pets attacks.

Get it from Doomwood faction. Rep it in /join necropolis and do Artix and Vayle quests, or /join lightguard and take quests from the NPC’s there.

Enhance it with Wizard and 1 luck for best heal or try all Luck for some randomly high damage and crits. Use a stable weapon to increase heals or an unstable one to increase damage.

Thief of Hours (ToH) – controller of time

Thief of Hours Rank 10 ChronoSpan

Thief of Hours
Rank 10 ChronoSpan

This class can kill Ultra Iadoa, and even Nulgath! It is powerful against anything with high and fast damage output because of its last skill Temporal Insanity that causes your enemy to attack itself for 6 seconds. The first skill increases your speed and dodge, and the second skill is a HoT.

Get it from ChronoSpan faction, rep it in /join thespan and take quests from all the NPC’s there.

This class has high endurance, dexterity, and strength stats. There are 3 enhancements that work well: Thief, Fighter, and Luck. Try out different combinations of these to find your personal favorite. As it is a chaotic class to begin with you definitely want to use an unstable weapon (19-47) or greater.

Darkblood Stormking (DS) – commander of storms

Darkblood Stormking Rank 10 Thunderforge

Darkblood Stormking
Rank 10 Thunderforge

This is an excellent farming or solo-ing class and can hold its own in PvP. It is a lot more complicated to use than many other classes but makes up for it in versatility. The Last skill is a high damage nuke that costs a lot of mana, the second and third skills are multi-enemy attacks, the third one has a 50% chance to stun, the first skill heals you if the second skill is in effect or regains mana if the third skill is in effect.

Get it from Thunderforge faction, rep it in /join falguard and take quests from the NPC’s there, or if member then /join deathpits and take quests from the upper left corner after the top level.

Enhance with with full Wizard and nothing else as the auto attack damage depends on your total intellect value. Use a stable weapon for reliable healing.

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536 Responses to 7 OP Classes for Non-mem in AQW

  1. gabrieldyangco says:

    thanks madam lofty

    • madamlofty says:

      Glad I could be of help.

      • phil says:

        what do you mean by a stable weapon

      • madamlofty says:

        A stable weapon is one that produces static/fixed/stable damage. This is based off the base damage assigned to it. To get these figures you enhance a weapon at level 1 enhancement (non-mem) and it will give you a figure that looks like 27-33, with a speed of 2.0, as an example. 27-30 is the default base damage most weapons come with and would be defined as stable because it produces consistent damage when hitting monsters. Comparatively an unstable weapon would look like 1-57 base damage and would produce some very high damage hits and some very low damage hits. The reason it is important to use stable weapons with some classes is because it can effect heals, buffs and magic skills in negative ways.

        For more on base damages look at this wiki page here: Click

  2. jim says:

    is vindicator of they a OP class?

    • madamlofty says:

      Definitely! It has a nuke skill for very high damage, a stun skill, and can heal itself efficiently. It is rare now, but if you already have it that is awesome.

  3. wowie ! i have troll spellsmith !! IS GOOD ?

  4. Slendermon says:

    hey is battlemage a good clas, btw what does OP stand for?

    • madamlofty says:

      Yes. The trick to it is using Enchanted Blade and Arcane Devastation a lot. Recommend it for fighting bosses.

      OP = Over Powered, this being a reference to being unbalanced compared to classes released much earlier such as Mage, and thus very powerful.

  5. coolplay12345 says:

    hey my name in aqw is coolplay12345 plz tell me what r the best enchamnets everrrrrr for elemental dracomancer

  6. ki113r warri0r says:

    can you tell the enhancements for oracle class when it comes out just to make sure im using the right enhancements! 🙂 and dragon shinobi btw

  7. coolplay12345 says:

    what level r u in aqw my name in aqw is coolplay12345 and if u wnna goto me u can come so i can meet u and im a level 54 so plz come and what classes r better elemnetal dracoamncer darkblood strm king troll spellsmith horc evader or necroamncer or battle mage or ranger class is pvp i have 7 rep classses but i dont no what class can beat thief of hours

    • madamlofty says:

      Probably Elemental Dracomancer has the best chance. Beating Thief of Hours is all about strategy. Dodge and/or heal while they have the temporal spell on you, and once it fades hit them really hard before they can put it on you again.

  8. coolplay12345 says:

    and btw if u wnna goto me im always in yorami server or twilly so goto me as fst as possible

  9. coolplay12345 says:

    how bout full spellbreaker for dracomancer or 1 spellbreaker 2 win 1 luck

  10. coolplay12345 says:

    and plz answer this question for dracomancer do we use a stable or non stable cause i dont no what static meanz

  11. Jahmosi says:

    is 51-77 considered stable?

  12. coolplay12345 says:

    what is a dam ***********ing stable and non stable and static weapon what r those i dont no what is stable non stable or static

    • madamlofty says:

      Ok, so the base damage range listed on a weapon before it is enhanced can be stable (for example 27-33 before enhancements on most weapons) or unstable (for example 0-60 before enhancements on Godly Golden Dragon Axe). Because you will use weapons from a wide range of enhancement levels and types, you can look up the base damage for each weapon on the wiki.

      The reason 27-30 is considered stable (or static is another term for it) is because it produces pretty consistent damage such as 45 -200 on auto attack.

      The reason 0-60 is considered unstable is because is because it produces attacks varying from 3 to 1000 on auto attack.

  13. WooShicK says:

    ummm what is the best enhancements for evolved shaman??? 🙂

    • madamlofty says:

      All wizard generally speaking, as it relies on its intellect stat for damage results. Like with many high damage output classes though you can have a lot of fun with say 1 wizard, 3 luck! I have also seen people who prefer 3 spellbreaker, 1 healer.

      If you are not sure which style works for you try each option. The results you get will depend on how you use your class, in terms of skill timing, and mana regain.

  14. coolplay12345 says:


  15. coolplay12345 says:

    madam lofty when r u on in aqw
    tell me pllzz and what is the best chants for envoved shaman

    • madamlofty says:

      I am online after releases and once a day sometime after midnight.

      All Wizard, 3 Wizard/1 Luck, or even 3 Luck/1 Wizard all work well on evolved shaman depending on how you use the class. I suggest mucking about with these combos and finding one that works for you.

      For some high damage using Evolved Shaman, use Furious Gale with a good stack of Elemental Grasp. A crit on Elemental Storm does a huge amount of damage. If you use Elemental Storm with Refreshing Rain you will heal for a large amount, HoT in lots of 100.

  16. what enchantments would you recommend for the pyromancer class?

  17. crystalmermer3 says:

    What is the best enhancement for Oracle class

  18. Skullcrusher 99999 says:

    Could you please tell me the enchacement to make Dragon Shinobi class’s attack higher

    • madamlofty says:

      As with many classes, all Luck on Dragon Shinobi will give you some high hits. The downside is it will perform poorly on large bosses as you will not be using the classes strengths.

      The class is designed to be used with thief and/or fighter. Spam the first skill and heal only when absolutely necessary. This is not really a quick kill farming class, it is more of an endurance or tanking class designed to survive well against tough enemies.

  19. Skullcrusher 99999 says:

    What enhancements could make Battlemage’s crits higher?

    • madamlofty says:

      So far everyone who has tested it seems to be doing well with All Wizard. Use the first skill, then the last skill, for 2-3k crits.

      I have heard someone suggest all Luck enhancements but I have not tested this out. Be cautious about using all Luck on magic classes though because it takes away from their spell power.

      Honestly though I don’t like Battlemage for crits. You are better of with something like Shaman.

  20. triton122 says:

    Witch of these classes is fastest to get?

    • madamlofty says:

      For non-members Necromancer is probably fastest. Use the quests from Artix “Bust some Dust” and “Essential Essences”, once you have finished the storyline for Doomwood.

      If you have membership then getting Thief of Hours or Darkblood Stormking is probably quicker.

  21. triton122 says:

    thanks for the quick answer

  22. Jimmy says:

    Is necromancer still good non-member class to get? I heard they nerfd its skill..

    • madamlofty says:

      They haven’t nerfed the skills on necromancer since the week it was released as far as anyone knows. However every month new harder bosses come out and new better classes come out to fight them with so many people don’t take advantage of it anymore. It is an ideal solo-ing class because you can survive, however since its release some other fantastic solo-ing classes have been released such as Blood Titan, Alpha Omega, Oracle, Dragon Shinobi, and others. Some of these other classes have the added bonus of killing things quicker or healing others than just yourself. I still often recommend Necromancer as a class to newer players because you can get it pretty quick and completely free, and it then gives those players the chance to kill most stuff without help if they need to.

  23. Lyxus says:

    What are best enchants for Darkside Class and oracle class?
    Darkside is my Rare class and now wana use it a lot but im need good Enchants 🙂

  24. thegoodguy says:

    Is the pyromancer class an OP class because it is the only class I am farming for now?

  25. Aqwking says:

    I was wondering in what scenarios should I use a stable weapon to an unstable one? Do certain classes do better with an unstable one ex ninja or do they do worse? I thought that stable weapons generally are better but after reading your article I’m thinking otherwise.

    • madamlofty says:

      Stable weapons produce consistent damage so you should use them with magic classes and fighter classes that need stable damage to get mana. Also I would say things that rely on high dexterity such as rogue would benefit from a stable weapon. Unstable weapons are good for anything you would put luck on to get high crits. Opinions on which classes fall into which categories vary wildly. I have had good luck using stable weapons on most classes though so at the end of the day personal preference on these things is the main factor you should consider in your choice.

      When making a class build consider these things: Do I want to crit lots? If so then use all or mostly luck, and an unstable weapon. Do I want to heal, regenerate mana, and have high endurance? If so use mostly fighter, thief or wizard enhancements, and a stable weapon.

  26. Ricky says:

    *gasp* YOU NO PYRO

    • madamlofty says:

      I chose to look at the 7 classes above. There are other classes that are good also which I may chose to look at in future. I highly recommend pyro to anyone as an awesome and strong class.

  27. Aqwking says:

    I am lvl 10 and if I was to choose one of these classes what would you suggest? My current classes consist of oracle, warrior, pirate (rouge), and ninja.

    • madamlofty says:

      Rank up Oracle and make it your friend, it is an amazing class!

      Having fun while playing at level 10 is all about learning to survive boss fights either on your own or with as few other people as possible. Necromancer is a great class for surviving boss fights. All you need to do is get to rank 2 and spam the second skill all the time and don’t use the first one after you have equipped the battle pet. At level 10, try all Wizard enhancements or a Wizard/Spellbreaker combination. Additionally Necro is the easiest class to get enough rep for the free version.

      If that answer is not enough then consider one of these:

      You could try Elemental Dracomacer but with no healing skill it probably will not be as effective as Necro at level 10. It is harder to get this at level 10 as the monsters you need to kill for Etherstorm faction are a higher level.

      If you are not worried about boss fights you could try Thief of Hours for some fun. The last skill on it can provide an interesting dynamic to group fights as it causes the monster to attack itself briefly. This is also in a higher levelled area and may be more difficult to rep.

      Evolved Shaman is considered by many veterans of the game as one of the most over powered classes in the whole game, and is also a lot more interesting to use than many other classes. If you do use it at level 10, keep it for monsters with low amounts of hp or use it when a healer is present as it has poor healing ability. It is annoying for everyone to get as Arcangrove is time consuming to rank however at least the monsters are easy.

      Note on unstable vs stable above:
      I would not use unstable weapons and all luck on things at level 10 myself just because you will loose too much damage from poor class build effects and the low end of the random damage. If you do use them, do it for fun and not in a situation when you need to survive.

      TLDNR version = Necro class, all Wiz enhance

  28. Jamie says:

    Heya please Rey to these. I have just got necromancer and pyromancer class. What enhancements should I use for them? Thanks

    • madamlofty says:

      Wizard and Luck are the best enhancements for both and how you combine them is up to you.

      On Pyro I like to use 3 Wizard and Luck on my Helm with a stable weapon for high crits, in harder boss fights you can go 2 luck for more healing. On Necro I like to use all Luck and an unstable weapon with a wide damage range, then use 1st skill, Last skill, 2nd skill combo for high crits.

      (If you haven’t levelled up your character yet stick with Wizard enhancements and a stable weapon for both with no more than 1 luck on either of them.)

  29. lolol says:

    I got Pyromancer 🙂

  30. Harris says:

    Hey im farming for Battlemage class.
    is it worth farming for

    • madamlofty says:

      To me it seems a bit average. I have tried enhancing it every which way and I cannot get much power out of it. You would think with the a name like Battle Mage we could expect a lot of magical power. I have still ranked it up anyway but I don’t foresee myself using it a lot. You are probably better off with something like Troll Spellsmith.

  31. harris says:

    Hey Madam Lofty i have Evolved shaman´ shaman, necro and stormking
    which one is the best?

    • madamlofty says:

      Depends what you are using them for. Evolved Shaman can probably do the highest damage numbers if used with the right enhancements and skill timing, Necro is probably the best for solo-ing bosses, and stormking although complicated to use is probably the best at farming and the most flexible class.

      So if you mean can do the highest critical hits as the ‘best’ then Evolved Shaman is a clear winner.

  32. Josh says:

    Hello Lofty,I have questions for you. Between HorcEvader,Troll spellsmith,Theif of Hours,Master Ranger,Elemental Drago , Which of these are easier to obtain and use in situations like PVP and solo bosses(Like Mana Golem or any high hp & damage output bosses) ? Thanks in advance 🙂

    • madamlofty says:

      I have all of these classes but I don’t really find use for Horc Evader or Master Ranger as they are a bit average compared to many other classes available. If you are going to use either of them I would suggest keeping them for farming.

      Troll Spellsmith, Elemental Draco, and Thief of Hours are all good in pvp although I have found Elemental Draco especially hard to beat.

      For mana golem I would say Elemental Dracomancer. Thief of Hours is most useful on the handful of bosses in the game that 1 hit kill all players such as Nulgath.

  33. carlo gorre says:

    madame… what is the enhancement for necromancer and vindicator?

    • madamlofty says:

      Necromancer works best with All Wizard for solo-ing, or Wizard/Luck combos for high crit fast killing.

      Vindicator is also good with Wizard/Luck. I quite like 3 Wizard, 1 Luck but you can change the ratio to suit your own needs.

  34. thegoodguy says:

    Is ranger an OP class?

    • madamlofty says:

      That is debatable. It is OP in PvP compared to say warrior class. If you mean ‘is it an amazingly powerful class I highly recommend owning?’ then so much.

      It is still fun to have for the bow animations on it though and I have found it a reasonable farming class.

  35. canz says:

    Ummmm….. How about enchantments for dragon shinobi? I rather use full thief…. How about u guys?

    • madamlofty says:

      Any Thief/Fighter combo is well worth trying out as these builds work well with its mana regain model.

      As with many classes some people like to put luck on it to gets better critical hits.

  36. Aqwking says:

    What exactly happens if you kill something using the thief of hours last skill?

    • madamlofty says:

      If it kills itself with temporal insanity active it glitches the enemy and it comes back to life with full hp. Worse you miss out on quests and drops you would have gotten from that kill.

  37. d4rk_boy says:

    madam… what is the best enhancement for thief of hours ?

  38. Aily says:

    hey wat is the best enchancement for mage?

  39. Slendermon says:

    hey madam what classes is good at using unstable weapon?

    • madamlofty says:

      Warrior, Necromancer, Troll Spellsmith, Mage, and Horc Evader are examples of classes that work well with an unstable weapon. Some popular unstable weapons are Ungodly Reavers of Nulgath, Voidfangs of Nulgath, and Overfiend Blade of Nulgath.

      If you want to know more you can read my blog post on the subject here.

  40. predetor1218 says:

    Is dragon lord still good

    • madamlofty says:

      Yes. Try using it with some luck if you need more critical damage out of it.

      There have been some better classes released since then but it is definitely still holding its own.

  41. ghostrider 77777 says:

    Hey madamlofty my name is ghostrider 77777 and i have all the classes that r non mem and that u can buy without any ac coins and i will soon get ToH is it worth gettin?pls add me as ur friend in aqw i will be in yorumi server or alina mostly

    • madamlofty says:

      ToH is definitely worth it. It is very powerful against the most hard hitting bosses in the game because you can make them attack themselves with it. It is also very powerful in pvp.

  42. ghostrider 77777 says:

    And according to me i think the best class in aqw is pyro

  43. ghostrider 77777 says:

    Acording to me pyro is the most op infact it can kill allthe classes in pvp with ease plus it was my first op class in aqw i got it when i was 30 level it was an awesome moment finally i was powerful on my own

  44. Jamie says:

    Heya Jamie again. I’ve started farming dark makia for totems of nulgath and I farming for some dage items. As I am a very fussy player I have got bored of pyromancer as it is the one best suited for farming. The only other class I have is necromancer. I was wondering if you could suggest at powerful farming/high crit class to suit my needs. Just to let you know I am member so any stragegy for repping for a strong farming class would do great. Thanks

    • madamlofty says:

      Troll Spellsmith is an amazing farming class by all accounts. With a little practice you can obliterate rooms full of monsters with it before others can even get a hit in. I suggest using youtube to find videos on how best to use it if you are not already an expert on it. I have seen it used effectively for killing the likes of Dark Makai over and over.

      Shaman and Evolved Shaman are cable of incredibly high damages however are not as efficient with mana use. I know many people who can pull of a 16k crit pretty often with evolved shaman. I imagine both of these classes would be great for quickly killing smaller bosses over and over again while farming.

      Dragonlord if you can get it is a wonderful little farming class, however I think Pyro is probably similar to it in many ways. I remember I used DL when I was farming nulgath items for my char but that was a while back now.

      Chunin and Darkside if you have either are probably 2 of the best farming classes ever released. Problem is they are both rare now.

      Hope that helps you find something.

  45. ghostrider 77777 says:

    Wat is ur fav class madamlofty?

    • madamlofty says:

      I prefer to look at classes for their uses so I have many.
      Farming: Chunin, Darkside, DLord, Darkside, Pyro, Necro, BTitan, ElemeDraco, and EvolSha
      Bosses: BTitan, AlphaO, VoT, Necro, ChronoM, MindB, PaliHL, DoomKO, Pali, Oracle, Bard, UndeadS, and ToH
      PvP: Darkblood, AlphaO, VoT, ToH, PaliS, DLord, Pyro, BTitan, Oracle, Rogue, DoomKO, and many others
      Probably I am forgetting at least one.

  46. Robert123413 says:

    Is Battlemage a good farming class?

    • madamlofty says:

      It fits into the farming category and has a nice Area of Effect (AOE) skill for killing multiple monsters at once. Players who love this class suggest using it with full wizard enhancements and a normal weapon. If you are going to use it on just one monster at a time such as a boss use the Enchanted Blade skill followed by Arcane Devastation skill, and reapply them after they cool down.

  47. Robert123413 says:

    Also, could you make a list of classes that are good at farming and soloing?

    • madamlofty says:

      I cannot write a complete list but here are some for each.

      Farming: Evolved Shaman, Shaman, Pyromancer, DragonLord, Elemental Dracomancer, Darkblood Stormking, Battlemage, Troll Spellsmith, Chunin, and Darkside.

      Solo-ing: Necromancer, Blood Titan, Alpha Omega, Thief of Hours, Undead Slayer, Oracle, Paladin, Vindicator of They, Chronomancer, MindBreaker, Elemtental Dracomancer, Pyromancer, Dragon Shinobi, Soul Cleaver, and Blood Ancient.

  48. Shirolord says:

    Pyromancer, Evolved Shaman or Necromancer? Which is the strongest? Because I don’t know which to go for.

    • madamlofty says:

      Well Evolved Shaman can do the most damage but is harder to learn to use well. Once you get the hang of it you can crit 16K+. If you are going to fight high hp bosses with it though take a healer with you. This is a very popular class still even though it has been around for awhile and many people feel it is the best class in the game.

      Pyromancer is probably the best all round class of these in terms of doing a lot of damage but also is easy to keep yourself alive. It is good for farming, solo-ing and pvp. I love this class for so many reasons.

      Necromancer can take down some tough bosses that many other classes cannot by yourself however it can be time consuming to solo with it in this way. When my own friends start playing AQW I make them get Necro so they can fight bosses on their own most of the time.

  49. Shirolord says:

    What enhancement should I get for my Evolved Shaman? I use Wizard enhancement for both my Helm and Class and Luck for weapon while spell breaker for my cape. But I can’t seem to crit. a lot.

    • Shirolord says:

      And I’m using the Nulgath blade of Redemption. Is that a suitable weapon?

      • madamlofty says:

        That is a good weapon to use with all Wizard enhancements.

        If you are using a luck build try unstable weapons such as Ungodly Reavers of Nulgath, Voidfangs of Nulgath, and Overfiend Blade of Nulgath.

        Keep in mind with Luck builds you die quicker as you have little to no defense.

    • madamlofty says:

      I usually use all Wizard on it myself just to keep consistent damage with it. For just crits you need all Luck and an Unstable weapon (eg. Ungodly Reavers of Nulgath). The trick to doing ridiculous damage is getting the rank 10 passive to go off which Luck seems to increase the likelihood of. This class takes patience and time to get to do amazing things.

      If you are looking for something easier to use try Necro or Pyro.

      • Shirolord says:

        So to not die fast but able to crit much I should use all wizard for everything but use luck for my ungodly reavers of Nulgath? So spellbreaker is not a good combination.

      • madamlofty says:

        I am sorry for the confusion. I will try to be more concise on the two ways to use evolved shaman:

        1) Defensive/survival build for fighting on your own: All Wizard or 2 Wizard/2 Spellbreaker or 3 Wizard/1 Luck. Use a normal weapon such as Nulgath Blade of Redemption or most other weapons.

        2) Agressive/fragile build for having fun trying to crit a lot, and fights where you have a healer present. All Luck. High damage range weapon such as Ungodly Reavers of Nulgath or a few other weapons with similar wide base stats.

        Hope that clears things up a bit.

        As to the skills, use the last skill, spam the first 3 till you are out of mana, save up mana, use the last skill, spam the first 3 skills, etc. The huge crits many people get out of this class are based on Elemental Storm, the rank 10 passive skill on it. This skill is appears to go off more often with a luck build. If it does go off you will do a huge amount of damage. If you are having trouble with lag, don’t use the first skill on it to save a little mana. Instead go last skill, second skill, third skill, mana save up, repeat.

  50. thegoodguy says:

    Which class do you think is better at soloing Necromancer, Vindicator of they or Darkblood Storm king?

    • madamlofty says:

      Depends on what you are solo-ing and what level you are. You should choose something you like using more than anything else. I can only really share opinions with you.

      VoT can do some fun crits, heals enough to keep you alive most of the time but runs out of mana easily. Darkblood Stormking is probably the most interesting to use and has a great balance of skills but is probably the most complicated to use well. Necromancer is the best for solo-ing anything with a silly amount of hp that crits on you a lot but can be a little slow and boring.

      All of them can solo well if enhanced and used correctly.

  51. Jamie says:

    Hello Jamie again (bijuu king) last question I wanted to ask was that what class would you recommend for pvp with what enhancements? I’ve heard alpha omega is really good for it and same with dark blood storm king. Just wanted to ask you first before I go and buy/rep for a pvp class. Thanks

    • madamlofty says:

      Alpha Omega is a pretty amazing class if you can afford it! All luck on enhancements. It is probably the class I find the most use for. Keep in mind any class can potentially be beaten in pvp with the right class and strategy. The trick to success is winning most of the duels you enter.

  52. zangzadam says:

    I don’t understand what’s so great about pyro. In pvp it’s great, but for pve it seems outclassed by tss or dbsk.

  53. Boy01pickup says:

    How to crit really hard using Evolved shaman, All I can do is atleast a 800-900 crit and shaman at 2k when I used dry lightning? How do I use it? what enchancements? ANd IM rank 10 evolved shaman

  54. Jamie says:

    I just realised how easy blood ancient is to get and I have almost got my 25 vitae(sorry if slept wrong). What would you say it is used for? E.g soloing farming etc. and also what enhancements should I use for it?

    • madamlofty says:

      Lucky build is my favorite but you can use fighter/luck combo too. Keep the draw blood skill active as often as possible for best results.

      Solo-ing is the purpose of this class, and I have seen it used to good effect in pvp. It is not much help with farming.

  55. DB says:

    is blood titan a OP?

  56. DB says:

    ok, but here is another question, what is the best starting class and what enchantment would you use?

    • madamlofty says:

      The most useful starting class is rogue. Rogue relies on its dexterity stat for dodging and critical hits so either all thief or a lucky/thief mix for enhancements. You can do some serious damage in pvp with it and solo some pretty impressive monsters successfully too.

  57. Jamie says:

    What area of fighting does blood Titan specialize in? Also what enhancements should I use for it?

  58. help says:

    is 1-247 good for toh or 247-247? answer plz and give me the best chants u think

  59. help says:

    i mean 124-124

  60. help says:

    madam plz tell me what r the best chants for pyro? and i just got toh so tell me if 124-124 goes with it well or 1-247 and what chants i should use for toh btw my name is coolplay12345 so u can c my char page THANK YOU BYE 😀

    • madamlofty says:

      Pyromancer enhancements: 3 Wizard/1 Luck is a nice mix for this class, any wep should be ok but I like stable (small damage range).

      Thief of Hours enchancements: All Luck, or 2 Luck/2 Thief are both good builds, any wep should be ok but I like unstable (big damage range).

      Very nice char page, you have many good classes and ranked up too 🙂

  61. aqwproz says:

    can u help me with a really good weapon for toh a really unstable one u think that is really easy to get that does massive damage with toh?

  62. aqwproz says:

    and how bout 1-247? is tht stable?

  63. aqwproz says:

    hey lofty what is the best chants for ninja and what weapon is good with it unstable or stable?

    • madamlofty says:

      You can use Fighter, Hybrid, Wizard, Thief, and Lucky on Ninja. Good combinations are all Thief, 3 Thief/1 Lucky, 1 Thief/3 Lucky, 2 Fighter/2 Wizard, all Hybrid, 2 Fighter/2 Hybrid.

      Ninja works really well with a weapon in the middle of the damage range, try medium damage range weapons.

  64. DB says:

    i been trying to get the necromancer class and my doomwood rep is at rank 7 but I cant find any good rep quest that I can repeat and get to rank 10 easily if you have any answers please reply

  65. DB says:

    oh and the same this has happened with the battlemage class im at rank 6

    • madamlofty says:

      Try talking to Denara in /join archives and Sir Vival in /join castle for repeatable quests. Ranking up a reputation can be hard work, if you can get any free boosts from the wheel and use the merge shop to turn them into rep boosts it helps.

  66. aqwproz says:

    i mean is 1-247 unstable

  67. Shirolord says:

    How do I use thief of hours? I can’t seem to hit high damage with it. Even if I crit, I only hit a max of 400+ damage.

    And what is the best enhancement for it and what kind of weapon should I use for it?

    • madamlofty says:

      The trick to doing high damage with Thief of Hours is to attack a monster that does high damage to you and use the last skill, Temporal Insanity, repeatedly.

      For a high damage build try 1Thief/3 Luck. If you are dying in a fight then try all Thief.

  68. Shirolord says:

    Shirolord here. What enhancements should I get for my archfiend class? I was recommended all wizard and all luck but I can’t seem to decide which. Madame please help.

    • madamlofty says:

      Archfiend class focuses on critical strikes, which rely on luck. I would consider 1 Wizard/3 Luck mix and if that doesn’t work for you try all Luck.

      • Shirolord says:

        But even with critical strikes, I don’t attack very high. So I have changed my enhancements to all wizard. Is there a way to attack up to a very high damage like 1K? And if there is, what is the skill rotation and the best type of enhancements?

      • madamlofty says:

        It is built as a support class not a high damage class. You can still get a bit of damage out of it.

        Skills: Use the 1st skill and then keep it going often for the DoT. Use the 3rd skill a lot to get extra crits out of it. You can add the 2nd skill into the mix now and again if you have plenty of mana. If you want to end the fight quicker use the 4th skill but be warned you will take high damage also.

      • madamlofty says:

        Oh yes also I do like the Wizard build myself although it is not a popular build for it… odd.

  69. Peace Reaper says:

    should i get darkblood stormking or thief of hours?

    • madamlofty says:

      Darkblood stormking (DSK) has more uses as it is good in pvp, good at solo-ing and good at farming. It is however slightly harder to learn.

      Thief of Hours (ToH) is good in pvp and good at taking down a very specific kind of boss with very high attacks (eg. 2000 pt crits on the player or higher). It is not hard to learn, as the key is all in the last skill.

  70. Devilboy121 says:

    What do you think is the best class in overall?

    • madamlofty says:

      The best at what? I prefer different classes for different jobs and also my personal preference changes a lot.

      Right now I like Oracle Class, Blood Titan, Soul Cleaver, and Alpha Omega because I have been doing a lot of solo-ing.

      I imagine Chunin, Darkblood Stormking and Troll Spellsmith would be higher on my list if I had been farming a lot lately.

      Perhaps I will do a poll on this question sometime for a more popular answer…

  71. Devilboy121 says:

    and what is the best enhancements for Soul Cleaver and Arch Fiend ?

  72. DB says:

    whats the point of using oracle class and what does it do?

    • madamlofty says:

      It is a powerful class that can solo the majority of bosses on a level 55 player. It is also strong in pvp and possibly the best supporting class in the game right now. Its best skill is a powerful heal however it can also buff your allies attacks to do some serious damages, and has a damage resistance buff making it a huge help against monsters that crit on you and kill you very fast otherwise.

  73. DB says:

    also im not a member to aqw but how can I get good class like necromancer ect. without using AC’s?

    • madamlofty says:

      I also got necromancer without AC’s and the good news is that it isn’t too hard.

      Get it from repping Doomwood faction. Do the entire Doomwood storyline if you haven’t already to pick up easy rep. Once you have done that rep it in /join necropolis and do Artix and Vayle quests, or /join lightguard and take quests from the NPC’s there.

  74. Devilboy121 says:

    what class should I get ?

    • madamlofty says:

      What classes do you have now?
      What level are you?
      Can you show me your char page?
      What do you need the class for?

      • Devilboy121 says:

        I have a Necromancer , Arch Fiend and Soul Cleaver
        I am level 23

      • madamlofty says:

        For farming you could consider getting: Pyromancer (free with tokens), Elemental Dracomancer (reputation class, free).
        For Bosses: Blood Titan, Alpha Omega (AC’s or combat trophies), Thief of Time (reputation class), Bard (rank 4 reputation class, good support class and can solo).
        For PvP: Alpha Omega, Thief of Time, Pyromancer, Blood Titan

        Classes are a personal preference thing. You should pick something to use that you think is the best because ultimately that is how to do well and have fun. Hope you can find some good classes from these suggestions.

  75. Jamie says:

    Hello again. Would you mind telling me what enhancements I should use for the AlphaOmega class?

  76. Devilboy121 says:

    How do I buy Chuchin now?

  77. Jamie says:

    Okay thank you 😀

  78. DB says:

    what classes can you get on the wheel?

  79. DB says:

    I am currently a level 30 mage and I haven’t been dealing high damage to any opponents my highest attack is in the 500s and I was wondering what enhancements and either a stable or unstable weapon should I use please answer if you have an answer

    • madamlofty says:

      Mage is somewhat limited because it was created very early in the games development and it is just not built for the cray damage some classes do these days.

      Having said that, all Wizard enhancements is pretty good. I have heard people who swear by 3 wizard/1 Luck but I am not personally sold on that build. I relatively unstable weapon can work great with this class.

      Honestly though the best way to deal high damage with almost all classes is to level and rank up!

  80. Devilboy121 says:

    how do you find the wheel?

  81. DB says:

    thanks for all the help you have given me Madam Lofty I hope when ever you are on the same server as me we can be freinds

  82. masterdoom1dlord says:

    Question is
    Theif of hour and darkblood with what class?

    • madamlofty says:

      I don’t understand the question. Do you want to know which class or how to enhance? Enhancements for these are: Thief of Hours Thief/Lucky; Darkblood Stormking Wizard. If you want to know which one then get both.

  83. masterdoom1dlord says:

    I mean which Other class should I get?

    • madamlofty says:

      Well Thief of Hours is good in pvp and can be used to great effect against certain bosses while Darkblood stormking is very versatile however as you are probably aware requires some focus to use well.

      If you want something lazy to use and still powerful for pvp and solo-ing you could get Elemental Dracomancer. You could get Pyromancer for something that is good at solo-ing pretty much everything Thief of Hours is no use against. If you want to try a supporting class you could try Bard. Honestly if you are bored just get another reputation class as they are all fun in some way. The only possible exception is Ranger which has fun animations on it but is under powered compared to most others.

  84. masterdoom1dlord says:

    Since I like Magic do you know a perfect class to farm and solo?

    • madamlofty says:

      Battlemage is proving to be better than first thought and is particularly useful for farming but in my opinion still dies too quick. Darkblood Stormking is one of my favourites as it versatile and can be used for farming, pvp and solo-ing to great effect, also has a heal making it more durable in a longer fight. Troll Spellsmith is well loved by many and is especially good at farming. Pyromancer is a magic class with an obvious focus on fire spells and is especially good at solo-ing and pvp. Evolved Shaman is considered extremely powerful and good at solo-ing however I do not like it as a class because it is not consistent in its results. I have similar feeling about Shaman but even more extreme. Necromancer is a much under appreciated magic class that is possibly the best solo-ing class in the whole game due to its flexibility of crits vs survival, however is limited for farming.

      All considered, I think Darkblood Stormking in probably the most versatile for both farming and solo-ing.

  85. Devilboy121 says:

    What is the use of Soul Cleaver rank 10 passive skill ?

  86. Karma says:

    is pyromancer an OP job?

  87. Jamie says:

    Hey it’s me again. I think I have found my hobby within AQWorlds, collecting classes. Is soul clever a good class or is it not worth the ac? Also what enhancements should I use for DarkBlood StormKing?

    • madamlofty says:

      I am so glad you have discovered this hobby as I have!

      Soul Cleaver is a lovely little class that I am extremely fond of however, as some have noticed, you can run out of mana too quick with it. Also the last rank on it is pretty much not a great idea to get unlike every other class in AQW because the rank 10 passive is very annoying.

      Darkblood Stormking is best enhanced with all Wizard in my opinion.

  88. Kerry says:

    Hey Madam.. You’ve shared the best class for non mem, Please share the best class for Member.. now i’m using Mindbreaker class, What do you think the best enhancement for it. And The Rival For Mindbreaker class.. That can defeat This Class. Btw Thx For Your Info :))

    • madamlofty says:

      My favorite member-only/AC/Special/rare etc classes:

      Farming: Chunin, Dragonlord, Dragon shinobi, Mindbreaker, Soul Cleaver, and Pyromancer
      Solo-ing and boss fighting: Alpha Omega, Vindicator of They, Oracle, Mindbreaker, Chronomancer, Blood Titan, Blood Ancient, and Paladin High Lord
      Pvp: Anything really, except maybe No Class because not much fun.

      I like Wizard and/or Luck on my Mindbreaker. I have seen it beaten with ToH, Necro, Blood Titan, and Oracle. I am sure there are others.

  89. Draco_Lord says:

    MadamLofty, i have 2200 ac. what do I do with it?

  90. Draco_Lord says:

    i want a class, weapon and helm. maybe cloak. plz tell me

    • madamlofty says:

      Go to battleon and talk to Ragnar (dude in white, gold and blue armor) and click on the class shop. Buy Alpha Omega for 1000 ac’s and enhance with all Luck. Buy Oracle for free while your there and enhance with all Wizard. These two classes will serve you well for a long time.

      As to the rest I am not certain what your tastes are so it is harder to answer. So I will suggest options instead:

      Option 1: Buy the Cyber Doomknight set from Shadowspawn Warrior (dude with red horns in battleon). Doom knight is a classic in aqw and the whole set is going rare so they will continue to be cool for a very long time.
      Items for option 1: Cyber Doomknight armor for 650 acs, Cyber Doom helm for 100 acs, Doom of the Matrix +3 for 300 acs (1050 acs in total plus Alpha Omega comes in at 2050 acs).

      Option 2: Buy the Supreme Shadowscythe Inquisitor set from Chaos Quibble really quick before it disappears from the game menu shops. Shadowscythe is another classic theme and the red and black look badass. It is also going rare forever so has cool factor.
      Items for option 2: Supreme Shadowscythe Inquisitor armor for 750 acs, Supreme Shadowscythe Inquisitor helm for 150 acs, Supreme Shadowscythe Inquisitor mace for 200 acs, and Supreme Shadowscythe Inquisitor cape for 100 acs (total of 1200 acs + alpha omega comes in at exactly 2200 acs.

      Option 3: Lunar Sand knight set also from the Chaos Quibble shop located in the game menu if you are quick about it before the shop leaves. Sand knight is another classic concept that was popular when it was first released and is still popular now. This set is also going rare so has the added cool factor you can show off.
      Items for option 3: Lunar Sand Knight armor for 600 acs, there are two helms worth 75 acs each Lunar Sand Wave (more well known version) and Lunar Sand Crest, there are also two wings worth 90 acs each Open Lunar Sandwings and CLosed Lunar Sandwings, and Lunar Sand Sword for 225 acs (you can get a whole set for 990 acs or you could get the extra helm and wing options as well for a total of 1155 acs which with alpha omega will bring you to 2155 acs).

      Option 4: Go to Yulgars Inn in battleontown and talk to Yulgar himself for the Suggestion and Legendary Suggestion shops. Pick out anything you like the look of from there and make your own set.

  91. Devilboy121 says:

    Madam Lofty , which class is worth taking time to get ?

  92. Shirolord says:

    What enhancements should I get for my horc evader class and how do I use it?

    • madamlofty says:

      Thief is a good choice in my opinion.

      • Shirolord says:

        Then how do I use horc evader? Like the skills order.

      • madamlofty says:

        Use the first skill to summon the pet on it.

        Use the second skill every single time it cools down. This skill is all you really need for this class.

        You can then use the first and last skill if you want to speed up the fight but be warned you will also die quicker. Only use the third skill to prolong your survival if needed.

  93. Devilboy121 says:

    what should I use my ac for Madam Lofty . Idk what i should use my ac for please advice me to spent them wisely 😀

  94. Devilboy121 says:

    and i need to know what enhancements fit glacial warlord . ASAP

  95. Devilboy121 says:

    My character page is

  96. Draco_Lord says:

    On my other account I have 1100 ac. i want class, helm weapon and maybe cloak. what should i get. btw, should i use the shadowfire emperor set?

    • madamlofty says:

      Alpha Omega and Oracle are the only classes you can get right now in the class shop for less than 2000 ac’s, so I would get them. For the other items you can use the Shadowfire Emperor set as you suggested you can.

  97. Shirolord says:

    And, what enhancements do I use for pyromancer?

    Stable weapon or Unstable weapon?

  98. Draco_Lord says:

    I have 1100 ac. i want a class, helm, weapon and maybe a cape. what should i get? btw should i use the shadowfire emperor shop?

  99. efre_priest says:

    hi madamlofty,i want buy acs and i want to buy class,i want to know the best class with high damage

    • madamlofty says:

      That is a very debatable subject as damage is not always consistent (as in you can have a class with very high damage of 50,000 hp but it only happens once or twice ever, and you can have classes that only do 500 hp damage but they do it pretty much every hit on the monster).

      One of my fav classes for ac’s right now is Alpha Omega. I would also get Oracle if you don’t have it already. Also if you buy 2000 ac’s this week you will get Glacial Warlord class for free!

  100. kamran12 says:

    madam lofty i am having problems with thief of hours the last skill doesnt work anymore why?

    • madamlofty says:

      There is currently a bug on temporal insanity skill which is known by the staff and they are already trying to find a fix for. It is unknown how long it will be until this class is functional again. I would suggest using a new class mean time :/

  101. Peace Reaper says:

    Madam lofty, what do you think is the highest damage class right now and my char page is peace reaper

  102. Devilboy121 says:

    So Madam Lofty what should I do with my 5k ac ?

    • madamlofty says:

      Buy Alpha Omega class, Oracle class, Dragon Shinobi class, and Cyber Doomknight set from the game menu shops. Do what ever you want with the rest or save it for xmas.

  103. Devilboy121 says:

    So Madam Lofty , what should I spent my 5k ac on ?? ><

  104. Jamie says:

    Can’t wait for Glacial Warlord, already got my token for when it comes out 😀

  105. Moknathal says:

    Hey madam lofty are u using le bot ? Bot users will be banned? Yes or no

    • madamlofty says:

      I do not use any bot programs ever, and I strongly discourage you and anyone else from ever using one as if you are caught you will have your account taken off you which would be very sad. Additionally, don’t you think cheating defeats the point of playing?

  106. Sso says:

    Hey Lofty,
    How can PvP actually be fun if all people do is use OP Classes?

    • madamlofty says:

      If both parties are using what you describe as an OP class it can be a lot of fun I promise. My friends and I spend many a good hour testing our pvp skills against each other with a huge range of classes for fun and to learn more about how the classes perform.

      If OP is not your thing, then by all means set up rules of engagement with your friends and acquaintances that specify using non-OP classes.

  107. Shirolord says:

    About the new glacial warlord class, what enhancements should I get for it?

    AND, stable or unstable weapon.
    Ps: I know its a little too soon but can you try to think of the best enhancements for it? Thanks~ ^.^

  108. Gufhfbsfh says:

    what should i get with 1100 adventure coins, what should i get plz tell me quick

  109. Amir says:

    I just got necromancer ,where is the best place to earn class point to rank up

  110. Jamie says:

    Hey I’m not sure if you are aware but I am now using glacial warlord class. I’m not sure if this is a glitch or they released it early. I just wanted to ask if you could give me some recommendations on what enhancements I should use for it as I am currently experimenting with it too.

  111. Limpopo says:

    What weapon do you suggest for Alpha Doomega

  112. Draco_Lord says:

    On my other account, I have a level 25 Royal Battlemage. With 1128 AdventureCoins, should I get Alpha Omega Class and use ShadowFire Emperor Set + Wings of The Chosen or get some other things (e.g. armor, cape, helm, sword and pet)? Plz tell me soon. Thanks for all your Help and Advise! 🙂

  113. Amir says:

    Which type weapon should i use for my NECRO ”stable/unstable” ,and tell me the weapon name and it must be easy to get,non member,non ac,not rare already.i also wanna know the same things about my PYRO.please answer ,thank you .

  114. Shirolord says:

    Um, MadamLofty, I know this is about class and all, but I hope you will answer me.
    How do you complete the quest ‘Juggernaut Items of nulgath.’? I’ve been searching everything. From youtube to wiki. But I can’t seem to understand. Do you think you can explain to me step-by-step?

    Please help me and thanks in advanced!

    • madamlofty says:

      For a Juggernaut item you need the following items:
      – Diamond of Nulgath x13
      – Dark Crystal Shard x50
      – Gem of Nulgath x20
      – Nulgath Rune 2 x1 – Dropped by Undead Bruiser
      – Tainted Gem x50
      – Voucher of Nulgath (non-mem) x1
      – Totem of Nulgath x3

      Apart from the Rune, you can get all these items from doing the Nulgath Larvae quest which involves killing Mana Golem and Mana Elemental over and over again. I suggest hanging out in a room with someone who has this pet if you don’t own it yourself. Also you can sometimes arrange to party with someone who owns this pet in the lets party thread on the forums.

      The alternatives involve owning other pets such as Drudgen the Assistant or going to Nulgath himself in /join tercessiunotlim and doing the quests that offer various rewards there.

  115. zenlolol says:

    how long does it take to get elemental dracomancer its taking so long for me any suggestions on how to grind it?

  116. HhHhHh says:

    Hi MadamLofty! I really want to get Alpha Omega Class but I also really want to get warp necro set.
    I have BattleMage Class which I bought, so i could just go with that. Can you tell me which one to get? I only have 1023 ac :o. Thanks!

    • madamlofty says:

      Battlemage is not as good a class as Alpha Omega. Have you got Oracle class? That it pretty good.

      I am not a fan of the Warp Necro set but if it means a lot to get it then you should.

  117. Dragon Mage 11 says:

    Hi thx for the class recomendations but i just want to know what enhancements do you use for ToH (Thief of Hours)?
    Thanks 😀

  118. Amir says:

    I wanna ask you a question,i level 42 but why my necromancer doesnt hit high crit(maybe because my rank), it just over 2000 – 2650 ,i use wizard enh for class,weapon,helm and cape, or SOMETIME i use luck enh for my weapon and helm, cuz my weapon is the unstable one.although it can solo boss but it was too slow and low damage crit compare to PYRO,my highest crit is 7220+(use scorch and flame orb) and 1250+(use scorch and withering blast) i think my hardwork to getting the NECRO is useless (cuz i think it can deal 10,000+ damages) please answer my question,im getting confuse..

    • madamlofty says:

      The power of Necro is in its ability to survive most things if you just keep spamming weaken. Crits are a secondary consideration.

      Sounds like you are having way better results with pyro.

      As I stopped using Necro after Blood Titan was released I cannot say if it has been changed. Officially nothing as been released to say it has changed by the staff however.

  119. lilbundy says:

    hey madam lofty which is stronger elemental dracomancer or darkblood stormking or trollspellsmith?

  120. Shirolord says:

    MadamLofty how do i get nulgath rune 2?

    And, if I use crystal phoenix blade of nulgath with Pyro, is it a good combination?

  121. lilbundy says:

    madam lofty which is stronger and have a nice skills is it DBSK,TSS or ED?

  122. lilbundy says:

    madam lofty please answer i want to know which is stronger in killing mobs boss pvp and etc.which of the following:is it DarkBlood StormKing or Elemental Dracomancer or Troll Spellsmith

  123. Devilboy121 says:

    Can you recommend a cool armor for me ?

  124. kamran12 says:

    can u help me lofty what is the best chant for mage dont say 3 luck 1 wiz give me exact chants for class weapon helm and cape and give ME A WEAPON THT DOES HIGH DAMAGE WITH MAGE thnk u bye:D

  125. Scar_19 says:

    Hey Madam lofty

  126. Scar_19 says:

    Hey Madam Lofty. What is the best enchancements for Oracle Class 🙂 Thanks

  127. Draco_Lord says:

    I want necro class. i am currently rank 6 doomwood. i have 6-5 rep boosts. what is the best way to rep doomwood ({by the way i haven’t done the necrodungeon quests:))

  128. Jboy Laugo says:

    HI madam lofty which is the strnger class of these following is it DarkBloodStormKing or Elemental Dracomancer or TrollSpellSmith can you tell which one og these classes is stronger?

    • madamlofty says:

      I don’t know which is strongest but I know Elemental Dracomancer can do a lot of damage and is easy to use. I like it the best of the 3 personally.

  129. Draco_Lord says:

    i want necro. i have 5 rep boosts. i have rank 6 doomwood. i haven’t done the necrodungeon quests. what is the fastest way to get doomwood rank 10?

  130. HhHhHh says:

    i want to get necro. i’m already rank 6 doomwood. i haven’t done the necrodungeon quests but i have 5 rep boosts. should i do necrodungeon quests? after that, what is the fastest way to get doomwood rank 10? plz tell me.:)

  131. Fizzpopperz says:

    What should i get with 1000 Adventure Coins? I really need at least 4 rep boosts, and i want the Sincere Loveletters of Beleen in her birthday shop. If you have any other suggestions, please tell me! 🙂

    – Fizzpopperz –

    P.S: I really want the rep boosts to get Necromancer Class! I am Rank 7 DoomWood but I really want to get Rank 10 by the end of this month. Can you suggest the fastest way to rank up in DoomWood faction? Thanks!

    • madamlofty says:

      Buy Alpha Omega if you don’t have it already, otherwise just get those Loveletters…

      For a boost you can get one a month from the /join wheel, exchange it in the merge shop for the rep boosts. If you are mem you can get them every day.

      For doomwood, try Artix’s quests Bust some dust and Essential Essences /join necropolis.

  132. amir says:

    if i wanna do the ES,I need to be rank 10 arcangrove,i’m rank 7 ,so how long does it take time ,i’m non member and I have pyro ,I heard pyro is a good farming class ,I also had finish the storyline quest . please answer my question,thank you.

  133. wetwew says:

    can i ask something

  134. wetwew says:

    hey madam lofty asnwer my questions!

  135. lilbundy says:


  136. Listoria says:

    Hello madamlofty, check my char Listoria, i have recently got both shamans and i wanted to know the best enhancements for shaman as i cannot get high damage, i get about 300 out of it, please reply asap, thanks for your time!

  137. Fizzpopperz says:

    What is the best class in the game in your opinion?

  138. I ended Up using horc envader and can solo massive bosses If member I suggest Doing the awe quest to make it to have a Special move which is like a passive. My favorite is Health vamp if your using Horc or dracomancer
    Btw Wh
    at do you think will be best enhancement for love caster when it comes out this friday?

    • madamlofty says:

      well caster classes usually like wizard enhancements. by the looks of it, the class is the same as elemental dracomancer though so I won’t be getting it.

  139. When do you think ToH will be fixed?
    Last skill does, not work

  140. Listoria says:

    Hey madam lofty, i need to know what enhancements are best for Evolved Shaman and regular Shaman and i need to know the skill order please 🙂

  141. zenlolol says:

    hey im member so where is the best place to farm for troll spellsmith?

  142. Pyrus30423 says:

    do u know what the best enhancements for royal battlemage are? i was thinking all luck for high crits but im not sure. thanks in advance!

  143. Jamie says:

    Can I have your suggestions on what enhancements you should use for MindBreaker?

  144. Shirolord says:

    Which is a better class? Trollspellsmith or alpha omega? I have 2015Acs left and I don’t know what to do with it.

    • madamlofty says:

      Well Alpha Omega is easier to use, probably you could do more 1 off damage with Troll Spellsmith.

      I am not a big fan of complicated classes though so I am going to go with AO.

  145. madamlofty says:

    Oh wow! I go away for a few days and come back to 40 messages. Thank you all for your comments and questions and I am sorry to be replying so late. I won’t be around as much over xmas so I suggest using the aqw forums for help: http://forums2.battleon.com/f/tt.asp?forumid=212

  146. hey madamlofty, im level 28 and i just got alpha omega what enhancement should i use?
    and is darkblood stormking only good for level40+ characters as i have heard

  147. if you dont mind can you make a list of all badges earnable now pls

  148. Robert says:

    Hey, im thinking of getting one of the following classes. Alpha Omega, Elemental Dracomancer, Pyromancer, and Darkblood Stormking. Overall, which one should i get. (i can only get one)

  149. inzersion says:

    thanks a lot madamlofty merry christmas 🙂

  150. lilbundy says:

    thanks a lot madamlofty your a great help!

  151. lilbundy says:

    thanks a lot madam lofty your a great help also 🙂
    madam lofty
    jboylaugo are just 1 they are all mine but i always want the answer of yours beacause im so excited im sorry for my post hahaha which is tronger of the three and its nice to use madamlofty is it DarkBloodStormKing or Elemental Dracomancer or TrollSpellSmith? hahaha this is the last questtion.:)

    • madamlofty says:

      I think ED is easiest to use but I think DBSK is probably the strongest in terms of potential damage output.

      That is the best answer I can offer at this time.

      And your welcome.

  152. im now level 30 looking for a new (non mem) class i already got alpha omega, and ninja started of as mage, ur recomedations and why ….thanks in advance

  153. how can i get a static weapon?

  154. Shirolord says:

    Thanks madamlofty! I’m having real fun with Alpha Omega! Recently, I’ve gotten ungodly reavers of nulgath too!

    I’m wondering if Trollspell smith with 3 wizard and 1 luck with ungodly reavers of nulgath will go well together. So will they go well together?

  155. Avenger says:

    Hey, um what enhancements would you recommend for warrior class. And between warrior and Pirate which would you suggest?

  156. Harry says:

    I was playing with this nice guy and he challenged me to beat him in PvP twice. After a few atempts I beat his first class which was mind breaker. For the second duel he used the class neceomancer and was able to one hit me from afar before I even loaded the page, also killing himself but winning the duel. I do not have any idea how he could of done so and I am sure he was not a hacker. Maybe he was using a scroll of some sorts??

  157. aspile says:

    What is the best place to rank up chronospan for non member?

  158. my account was hacked and stolen how can i get it back please help i just bought ACs

  159. Amir says:

    Im suggesting /join shadowfallwar and accept all quest u just need to kill 1 monster and it will reward 200rep,2nd quest,15 undead monster,500rep,3rd quest,same with the first one.Thats how im getting necro easily. Hope this helping : )

  160. rei says:

    hello i’m a member and have 4k AC’s i wanna buy 2 kind’s of classes i already have alpha omega
    i want one for pvp and one for farming
    thanks pls reply 😀

    • madamlofty says:

      Pyromancer, Elemental Dracomancer, and Horc Evader are all fun pvp classes. No class is perfect against every other class, so learn one well and if you decide you need more you can get another class later.

      Troll Spellsmith is a nice farming class. It has added bonus it is pretty good in pvp too.

  161. Amir says:

    I’ll got ES and S later,but how to use them?,can you give me some tips or advice,or maybe COMBO.thank you : )

    • madamlofty says:

      Start a fight with Elemental Grasp, follow that with Freezing Flame, and Furious Gale. Repeat as mana allows, or just use Freezing Flame and Furious Gale if you have little mana left. Don’t use Refreshing Rain unless you have no healer present or you are really in need of a heal to extend a fight a bit.

      Start a fight with Elemental Embrace. Use Ancestor’s Flame to hit up to three enemies with nice damage, then follow that with Hydrophobia. Save Dry Lightning for when you want to try to do some serious crit damage to end a fight.

      • Amir says:

        Im rank 10 now,i like evo shaman but why i still cannot crit 2k-3k with it?,im testing my shaman by killing red dragon,it working and im done with 9200+ crit,AWESOME!!,and thanks for the tips .p.s im using all wizard enh and a stable weapon (27-33)

      • madamlofty says:

        I don’t understand Evo Shaman as a class really. I think the idea is you luck it out and use an unstable weapon and if you get very lucky you set off the passive on it. I am not a fan of this style of gaming though sorry.

  162. Amir says:

    Does royal battlemage is a great class?,what its use for,soloing,farming,or maybe team supporter.

    • madamlofty says:

      Battlemage is a farming class by design. It can be used for spitting out magic damage in any fight however, and many people love it and recommend it for everything. Personally I cannot say I have tested it for everything so I guess try it out.

      The main difference when using it is that if you are fighting a single enemy start with the first skill and when fighting multiple enemies don’t bother using the first skill. After that consideration, use the 4th skill followed by the 2nd and 3rd skills for some lovely damage results.

  163. Amir says:

    How to rank up THUNDERFORGE faction for non member faster?.

    • madamlofty says:

      /join deathpits

      Take quests from Logash, go to boss Wrathful Vestis, fight him repeatedly until you have what you need to hand in quest, hand in quest to the ghost at the top right of screen, repeat.

      Once a day take the dailies at /join falguard from Hindar, and Windren.

  164. Jamie says:

    Hello. I’m looking for a strong damage dealing class that can be bought by ac or earned by rep. I already have, AO, pyro, Glaical Warlord and MindBreaker. Would you mind giving me your opinion on what classes I should get that deal a lot of damage.

    • madamlofty says:

      Sounds like you already have quite a good list of damage dealing classes. If you are bored though I guess you could try out the likes of Darkblood Stormking Elemental Dracomancer.

      • Jamie says:

        Okay thank you. As I am. Member is there a way way to gain faster rep for ether storm and thunder forge?

      • madamlofty says:

        For thunderforge yes it is faster as a member. You still go to /join deathpits for the best repeatable quests but they just have more you can do for more points.

        Etherstorm is not hugely faster. Again go to /join airstorm and /join waterstorm for quests but you will have more choices in quests.

  165. Robert says:

    Hey, is oracle better than alpha omega and glacial warlord?

    • madamlofty says:

      Better is hard to define so I cannot answer that. They are different. I would say Alpha Omega does more damage than Oracle for instance but then Oracle heals for far more making it tougher and harder to kill one. I would say Glacial Warlord has more damage producing skills on the whole but the numbers I don’t know.

  166. daniel says:

    What are your thoughts on death knight

  167. rei says:

    hello, can i ask if love caster is worth buying? one of my friend told me that it’s like elemental draco when it comes to it’s skills?

    • madamlofty says:

      Yes the skills do almost identical things. There is one tiny difference with one of the passives, arguably making Love Caster superior or inferior depending on ones opinion of that difference.

      I am trying to say if you have one then it is probably not really worth getting the other.

  168. Josh James says:

    hi madamlofty
    i am a MEMBER and im level 12, i have oracle, necro, glacial warlord, elememntal dracomancer, and troll spellsmith, do u think i should get i better class for either pvp, boss battles or farming? or are my classes already quite good? also, out of the classes i have which ones should i use for soloing bossese, pvps and farming? thanks

  169. Josh James says:

    whoops i dont have trollsmith lol

  170. Devilboy121 says:

    Madam Lofty , what class do you think i should get next now ?? I already have a Necromancer , Soul Cleaver , Alpha Omega , Love Caster ( Elemental Dracomancer ) , Troll Spellsmith , Evolved Shaman , Shaman , Glacial Warlord , Prismatic Clawsuit13 , Dark Legendary Hero and Blood Titan

  171. Amir says:

    Why necromancer doesnt have rank 10 passive skill ?

  172. Jboy Laugo says:

    madam lofty,what is best enhancement for evolved shaman that can get high crits like 16k or above can you please teach me?

    • madamlofty says:

      If all you want is a high crit now and again then you should enhance with all Luck and hope the rank 10 passive goes off. When it does then click the last skill to increase the effect further, then your first 2 skills to do the damage. Be warned it can be time consuming to achieve this.

      Also this more or less makes this class useless the rest of the time.

  173. Jboy Laugo says:

    thanks for a quick answer madam lofty 🙂 ❤

  174. Jboy Laugo says:

    thanks for the quick answer madam lofty i like it!! 🙂

  175. lilbundy says:

    madam lofty which is the best for soloing and farming and killing and bosses ?which of these


  176. Amir says:

    What Trollspellsmith good for ?

  177. Amir says:

    How long do you estimate the time taken from rank 5 to rank 10 for non member, if im keep repeating the quest from sokraiis at bloodtuskwar,using a farming class(pyro,shaman,E.shaman,etc)?

  178. for darkblood stormking can i use 90-90 weapon?

  179. lilbundy says:

    thanks for answering my question madam lofty 🙂

  180. Devilboy121 says:

    Madam Lofty , is Horc Evader or Thief of Hours better ?

  181. GOODSY says:

    How do I use the rank 10 darkblod stormking passive ability?

    What do I press

  182. brilliantdude says:

    If I am going for a swift kill with Darkblood Stormking (PVP), what type of enhancements should I use and what type of weapon (base damage)?

  183. princefire11 says:

    What enchantments do i use for Darkblood Stormking to win PVP matches fast. Im level 48 by the way.

  184. yo madam lofty my friend wants me to ask you if guardian or defender is better coz his level 12 and wants to get one but cant decide your thoughts….

  185. Gamelord342 says:

    What enchantments would be good for the evolved shaman for really high crits?

    Whats the best class for me?
    I like to do high crits and do high amounts of damage fast.
    Thief of hours is bugged.
    Any suggestions on what class i can use?

    • madamlofty says:

      Mindbreaker, Chronomancer, Doomknight Overlord and vindicator of They are great if you can get/have them.

      Necromancer can poor out consistent 2k crits which is very handy, Troll Spellsmith can build up some pretty good crits and is great on multiple targets.

      For evolved shaman use wizard for high damage, and luck for high crits. The crits are all about the rank 10 passive which can be hard to get to go.

  186. swift knight 911 says:

    I’m getting pyromancer in 1day because i have 82tokens. So how should I enhance the class i was thinking 3wiz 1luck. Luck on helm. Do you think this is a good enhancment for the class?

  187. lilbundy says:

    good morning madamlofty if i want ES that it will get high damage and crit what should i enhance?

  188. Ryan A H says:

    What is the best class between shaman and evolved shaman for the highest crit?

  189. Ryan A H says:

    can thief of hours heal itself? i tried skill 2 and 3 by turns and always starts on skill 2, and that was work. or any otherways to healing on thief of hours?

  190. devilboy121 says:

    what class / classes should i get now since i have gotten Horc Evader .
    Should i get Master Ranger ? DarkBlood StormKing ?

  191. Devilboy121 says:

    Ty in advance

  192. Fizzpopperz says:

    Here! Look at my char page!
    Plz tell me if u like it or not!

  193. Jamie says:

    Hello Madam Lofty. Would you mind giving me your recommendations for what enhancements/build I should use for ChronoCommander and what are the attics for getting big crits. I witnessed my mate *Ninja guy26* hit around 70k. Got a very nice char page to, check him out.

  194. devilboy121 says:

    How do i get pyromancer without spending acs ?

  195. Gamelord342 says:

    Best enchantments for alpha doom mega ?
    I want to do lots of damage.
    Whats the difference between alpha omega and alpha doom mega?

  196. swift knight 911 says:

    I got pyromancer like 3 days ago but im confused on how to solo and pvp with it because each time I solo with it i get 200 heals and if the heal crits its 800. When I pvp I lose to a lot of classes that people say I shouldn’t be losing to such as pirate and VoT. Please tell me what enhancements i should use for soloing and pvp and what skills i should use in the situations. Ps: I use stable weapons heres my char http://www.aq.com/aw-character.asp?id=Swift%20Knight%20911

    • swift knight 911 says:

      Also I saw this guy named yrthj and he gave away his account is this breaking the rules of the game? Here is his char http://www.aq.com/aw-character.asp?id=yrthj

    • madamlofty says:

      Try all wizard, and/or luck mix for pyro. I cannot say why you are not going so well as too many factors to consider. I know that more luck helps with crits.

    • light says:

      Pyro has a number of things it can have trouble with. Its not hard to use but it does require timing since it cooldown for its 2 best moves are long and can be usually used once in a 1 v 1 (since its long cooldowns) vot (king op) can easily just wait for your ward to end or stun u while in your ward then use sun (strongest move vot has) ninja can stall a pyro if they don’t spam, since their dodge (along with 5th skill)is pretty good it can easily dodge moves you have. Pyro worest enemy in my case is elemental dracomancer, oracle, and a range stun class tht hits hard (if they don’t spam.

  197. Listoria says:

    Hello madam lofty, i have a few good classes but darkblood stormking and elemental dracomancer takes to long, any other classes you reccomend me getting, look at my charpage “Listoria”, please reccomend me some great classes that dont take too long, Thanks 🙂

  198. Marty098 says:

    Is Royal Battle Mage OP?

    • madamlofty says:

      Yes. OP is anything considered unbalanced in comparison to the early classes released in the game, so pretty much all classes being released now are OP in their own right.

      Battlemage can do a huge amount of damage to multiple enemies and isn’t complicated to use.

  199. Adonis Arpon says:

    I have 2000 AC and I im confused what Class i’ll Buy .. Can you help me to choose ? the best one you could suggest.. i know all class are great. Please Reply thank you 😀

  200. Listoria says:

    Hey last one, i need to know the perfect enhancements for dragon shinobi and why, its a good class and i want to use it more, i need to know the reason why though Thanks

    • madamlofty says:

      Thief enhancements are all about making yourself harder to hit, and this class relies on that skill. Fighter enhancements are all about doing more damage and this class has some hard hitting skills. This class is a physical class so you wouldn’t generally look to magical stuff for it.

      • Lofty have you tried Chronocommander?
        I can do 41k crits regulary with it its just great I suggest you to try it full luck works best for me
        If you do try it then please reply with your thoughts.

      • Listoria says:

        So would 3 thief and 1 fighter be okay, i can get powerword die fighter for the wep?

  201. what are the example of unstable weapons and what are they??

  202. Ryan A H says:

    what is the best class for mem besides undead slayer? Dont forget for the best class for non-mem. By the way, this is my char http://www.aq.com/aw-character.asp?id=ryan a h and this is my brother’s char http://www.aq.com/aw-character.asp?id=crexcation . please give your opinion and your best recommendation for our char.

  203. My Name is KissThyBlade, and i Have some good questions for you. 1.
    Is Blood Ancient good?
    Im trying to farm ultra chaosboss, but no one wants to farm. any other compromise(timespace and pirates is slow, hence im lv 31)
    3. What are some good enhancements for the following classes: Blood Ancient, DoomKnight Overlord, Evolved Shaman, Glacial Warlord, Prismatic Clawsuit, Alpha Omega, Troll Spellsmith, Pyromancer, Necromancer, MindBreaker, DeathKnight.
    4. Is DeathKnight Worth it?

  204. ALSO For Thief of Hours And is Dark Legendary Hero any good?

  205. KissThyBlade says:

    My Name is KissThyBlade(on aqw) and i Have some good questions for you.
    1. Is Blood Ancient and DeathKnight Worth it(as in buying and farming)?
    2 Im trying to farm ultra chaosboss, but no one wants to farm. anyway to compromise (timespace and pirates is slow, hence im lv 31).
    3. I Need enhancements for the following classes: Blood Ancient, Evolved Shaman, Glacial Warlord, Prismatic Clawsuit, Alpha Omega, Troll Spellsmith, MindBreaker, DeathKnight, Necromancer, Pyromancer, and UndeadSlayer

  206. Adonis Arpon says:

    Is it hard to get the Ungodly Reaver of nulgath? I deadly want those
    The wiki is so Confusing many Items, quest and etc. please madam can you tell me what to do in an easy way to understand. Thanks.

  207. Amir says:

    Can you tell me Evolved Shaman’s high crit combo?.i’ve try at escherion,im go to the left corner to make sure my aoe skill did not reach the Staff.So, Esherion become invincible.And i cast the last skill over 20 time,its over 30 minutes,then, im go to the middle to kill the Staff,i won the battle but it not happen like im want ‘cuz i dont know how to release the power im charge.i also wanna do the same things using a Shaman ‘cuz it is easier and the wiki says that Dry Lightning has no damage cap :O !!???!! , but i dont know how to increase my heal skill.does it because my enhancements or my weapon,HELP ME PLEASE? :O

  208. Madam lofty Lover says:

    How to rep etherstorm fast 4 n0n m3mber ? How element4l dr4c0mancer c0uld be a g00d cla5s since it d0n’t have any he4ling ski1l?..!!

  209. Amir says:

    How can i get thief of chaos badge,ive finish the event and kill PETTIVOX but i still dont get any badge,doest already rare?,sorry for the off topic question. >: )

  210. im a mem where can i get pyro?

  211. dragon1xx says:

    i have pyromancer is that good ?
    should i use stable or unstable for it?
    what enchantments should i use?
    what armor looks cool with it?
    my email:

  212. devilboy121 says:

    Madam Lofty , what enhancements are recommended for ultra elemental class ?

  213. swift knight 911 says:

    Is soul cleaver class good, and is it worth 3.2k Acs (getting undead bruiser armor to get fail to the king quest)? Also note I have royal battlemage, necromancer, pyromancer, chunin, and gonna spend 1k ac for alpha omega. I do want your personal opinion however

    • swift knight 911 says:

      Scrap that i only have 2k ac what should i spend it on? Im thinking of AO or elemental draco which 1?

  214. Speedkill says:

    is ultra elemental warrior class powerful and whats the best enhancements in it?

  215. light says:

    What are good counters to soul cleaver (class)?

  216. Shirolord says:

    MadamLofty I only left one orb cape to get the ultra elemental class. Do you think 3 wizard enhancements and 1 luck enhancement with an unstable weapon will go will with it?

  217. Jamie says:

    Hello Madam Lofty. Mind telling me what your recommendations are for enhancements on Legendary/Ultra Elemental Warrior

  218. Listoria says:

    So what are the Complete best enhancements for Shaman,E shaman and dragon Shinobi

  219. harris says:

    What about ultra elemental warrio

  220. jonnyboy says:

    How do you do 700-800 heals with Troll Spell smith consistently? Level 57 and rank 10.

  221. this is my character page : http://www.aq.com/aw-character.asp?id=yusei%20fudo1313
    im not sutre if to get elemental dracomancer or dragon shinobi or maybe even ultra elemental

  222. Mustafa says:

    I use evo shaman and i have trouble using it for big hits. generally first skill does minimum of 300 crit and for the second is 700 minimum crit, and i use 3 luck 1 wiz and a 1-279 unstable weapon.

  223. King Thranduil says:

    Why is VOT and Pyro is not here.. pyro is OP too with 5.5k crit all wiz enhancement..
    err ugh so DBSK is a good class? what is the highest crit of that class though? i wanna know be4 i spend time on doing reputations on that class

  224. Amir says:

    I just got Royal Battlemage!!,Then, what should i Do?-(enhance it correctly,rank it up,learn to use it,choose a weapon,use it,ENJOY IT)

  225. Amir says:

    What is the fastest way to Rep Troll,Etherstorm,Horc,Evil,Good ?

  226. swift knight 911 says:

    I have 1.1k ac what should i spend it on? Also rate my char 1being the best 10 being the worst http://www.aq.com/aw-character.asp?id=Swift%20Knight%20911

  227. The Trollz says:

    Hey Madam, I was wondering if getting Darkblood Stormking was worth getting, I started off doing the quests months ago, quit the game for a while, came back, and I went from rank 5 – rank 7 Thunderforge, and It is taking an incredibly long time. Do you think it will be worth it? And also, I already have Necromancer, Shaman, and Evolved Shaman, and I was also wondering what other faction class would be easy and fast to get. Also, my Char. page name is The Trollz

  228. The Trollz says:

    If you’re looking for an easy farming class to get, Royal Battlemage is one because Swordhaven reputation has a variety of different quests, and very easy monsters to fight.

  229. Listoria says:

    Hey madam lofty, what exact enhancements should i use for Both shamans and Dragon Shinobi?

  230. Amir says:

    ive necro,shaman,evo shaman,battlemage,pyro.im repping troll,its so HARD and SLOW area,what should i do?and i also repping etherstorm,im join etherwardes and kill dragons many time,im use the rep boost 10minutes and turning in the quest,so i got 1k rep every time im complete the quest 🙂 is it a good way?and now i already know how to use evo shaman correctly ,i hit 10k + with 2nd skill,and i manage to deal 1k+dot with 1st skill.

  231. swift knight 911 says:

    Do you like ultra elemental warrior? I found it to be very good especially when you get the ultimate fusion but i’m confused on how to really survive with the class. I can do the dmg portion but surviving is very hard especially when the HoT takes a while to appear and really isn’t that great. Can you help me on this matter and can you gimme enhancements for it?

  232. mega saad says:

    hello! i am finding you very informative.i am currently farming for ts but i am planning on going for one of the above classes when im done or should i go for pyromancer.

    i would appreciate if you could help me

    my character page is mega saad

    ps i know i had a ego 2years ago@-@

  233. lilbundy says:

    hi mdam lofty what is the better class of them all and nice and stronger is it DBSK,PYROMANCER or BATTLEMAGE?

  234. lilbundy says:

    and madam lofty what is the enhancement of pyromancer and what weapon that best fits in it?

  235. Taha says:

    Best enhancements for Necromancer

  236. lilbundy says:

    hi madam lofty 🙂

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